Oklahoma to the SEC? Make It Happen

One of the latest big topics around college football is the future of the Big 12 conference. The conference has experienced many problems from being the only Power Five conference to have only one team make an appearance in the College Football Playoff’s three year existence and experiencing financial issues and more. Whether Texas or Oklahoma remains in the Big 12 in the future remains a mystery as well. That is the biggest worry among Big 12 followers.

People love to speculate about college football conference expansion, particularly in the offseason. One of those teams that might make a bolt in the future from the its current conference of the Big 12 is the aforementioned University of Oklahoma.

There has been speculation in the past of Oklahoma landing in the Southeastern Conference eventually. However, someone who is very familiar with the situation in Berry Tramel of the Oklahoman appeared on the SEC Network’s Paul Finebaum Show on Wednesday and said that Oklahoma is ready for the SEC.

Honestly, this would be the most ideal situation for Oklahoma and certainly the best for the SEC as well for several reasons. First, Oklahoma just makes sense geographically. The state of Oklahoma borders three SEC states in Missouri, Arkansas and Texas. Second, Oklahoma just seems to be a great fit.

They have a great fanbase with a nationwide following, great tradition and a great athletics program. The Sooners boast one of the winningest programs in college football and have seen consistent success under current head coach Bob Stoops, who won the national championship in Normon in 2000 and has also added ten Big 12 titles.

Third, Oklahoma would certainly boost its recruiting, particularly in football as players want to play in the most storied and consistently talented conference over the past years.  Oklahoma’s recruiting is already very good, but it could become even better if the Sooners head to the SEC. Fourth, although Oklahoma struggled this past season, they bring a strong basketball program to the table and success in other sports.

While Oklahoma to the SEC makes perfect sense and certainly has the support, it gets a little more complicated. Another team would have to be added to the conference to maintain balance. (Unless, the SEC could somehow convince Missouri or someone to leave the SEC, but that would have to be divine intervention.)

However, if Oklahoma makes a conference change, in-state rival Oklahoma State’s status becomes an issue. Politics would certainly come into play, and that might force the SEC to take Oklahoma State as well.

If this is ultimately what happens, fans would likely see a transition of both Auburn and Alabama leaving the SEC West and heading to the East. However, if we use logic here, the SEC should just go ahead and move Missouri to the West. Does that mean one of the Mississippi schools (Mississippi State based on geography) would have to be moved to the East? Anyway, it is all speculation at this point, but it could definitely be a reality in the future.

Maybe we will all hear Stoops say the SEC chant before it is all said and done. Let us hope  Oklahoma to the SEC becomes a reality. It just makes sense.


*Note: Featured Image Via Wikimedia Commons


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